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The Hacienda

The Hacienda San Jose Chakan (the word Chakan means Red Snake) was built in the 1900's. During this period, the trade of Henequen, also known as green gold (a fiber obtained from the agave plant, used to manufacture rope, twine, and coarse fabrics,) experienced an economic boom in the region that brought wealth and prosperity. The Hacienda, received its name due to the Red Snakes that inhabit the area in between Chicxulub Pueblo, and Ixil.

The Founder & Owner, Jorge Habient Medina, christened the Hacienda with its current name. Habient Medina, almost single handedly, boosted the henequen trade in the region with the construction of the Hacienda, he also implemented. The Hacienda belonged to the Habient family for over 65 years.

In the year 1999, the Hacienda was purchased by French investors, who envisioned and foresaw an upscale and unique residential project. The property was thoroughly renovated and turned into a place of magic, filled with history, culture, impressive architecture, astonishing decorations, beautiful gardens, and open areas. Hacienda San Jose Chakan is a fusion of architecture, culture, and history.