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    The town of Chicxulub Pueblo is located in the municipality of the Town of Chicxulub, it's located in the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Town Hall is in a small Port town (Port Chicxulub) where the epicenter of the famous Chicxulub crater is said to be found.

  • Chicxulub translated to Yucatec Mayan means, the devil's flea, or place of the burning horn. The area's main economy is from agriculture, during the Henequen era, Chicxulub was one of the most important regions of the Peninsula, since it was the area of highest Henequen production. Corn, tomato, and chili are just a small numbers of the diversity of crops that are produced in the region. Pig farms are important to the livestock of the region, and since its vicinity with the coast, fishing is also a big industry in the municipality; fishes such as the Grouper and the sea bream are common within the native population's diet. While the seasonal fishing of Octopus, between the months of August and October, also takes place in the area.


    The Municipality of Chicxulub was once a place of great importance of the Ceh-Pech Mayan domain. Remains of high archeological importance, regarding the Ceh-Pech faction have been uncovered in the Chakan, and Lactun areas.